The Main Beliefs of Methodism

Many aspects of Methodism are linked to other forms of Christianity. A lot of beliefs and practices overlap, which makes it easier to understand for a lot of people who have grown up around Christianity in some form.

538px-ManilaworshipSome of the familiar aspects include the Apostles’ Creed, which is familiar to almost all elements of the Christian faith, both Protestant and Catholic. This creed is often read in English, and the exact wording differs depending on denomination, but it generally attests the speaker’s belief in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Methodists also use the Nicene Creed, which is another symbol of faith, and included in most Christian Books of Prayer.

What is palatable to millions of people around the world, before the intricacies of Methodism are explored, is the belief in God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ as a divine being. Methodists also believe that Jesus Christ was sent to earth by God, and that He was salvation for all of us. They also believe in what they see as three fundamental points of Christianity – that human beings are sinful by nature, that only faith can save us, and that loving God can produce an outward holiness and justify and redeem us.

One of the main aspects of Methodism is the need to love God. Above and beyond anything else, a devotion to God is paramount, as is the traditional Christian doctrine of loving your neighbor, and treating them as you would want to treat yourself.

Methodists believe in free will, and that we can choose whether we will have faith and accept salvation from God. In this sense, we can reject God’s salvation. While it’s believed that Jesus Christ atoned for everyone’s sins, we need to accept that salvation in order to benefit from it. Second, we should live according to the rules laid down in gospels, and third is a belief that we are supported by the Holy Spirit. Finally, it is possible to achieve Christian perfection, provided we love God and live righteously.

This requires effort and faith, but is supported around the world.