Recreation in Bromley

While Bromley is far away from the hustle and bustle of London, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do there. There are actually many interesting activities in the Bromley area that can keep you busy day and night. Whether you are a local, a visitor, or a student, you shouldn’t have any problem finding fun ways to spend your time in Bromley.


Just because Bromely is suburban doesn’t mean it lacks an art scene, as there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy some culture in the town.

  • Churchill Theater and Bromley Little Theater – both of these institutions host some great productions, and many shows at Churchill eventually end up on London’s West End. Firm fan favorites like the Rocky Horror Picture Show all find themselves in this theater from time to time.
  • Empire Cinemas boats four big screens and is the perfect place to watch all the latest Hollywood hits. Everyone can enjoy a trip to the movies in Bromley, as screens also have disabled access.
  • Watch a Post War Revival – since 1947, a post war revival team has re-enacted battles from World War II, and watching them perform can be a great day out.
  • Queen’s Gardens – one of the reasons people may choose to live in Bromley is due to the desire for fresh air and open spaces. Queen’s Gardens is a lovely spot for a walk, whether it’s sunny summer or a crisp autumn day.
  • If you enjoy gambling, you can also access an all British casino from anywhere, including Bromley.
  • Parish Church of St Peter – this church doubles up in terms of historical significance, as not only does it have a medieval tower, but it was also destroyed during World War II, and rebuilt from original materials afterwards.591669_fd36fab0


Bromley is a great town for a sports fan, as it is home to four football teams and four rugby clubs. While none of the teams located in Bromley play in high leagues, watching sports is always a great way to spend a weekend.