There are a few practical things that are worth knowing about Bromley that can make your life there better. Before you move to any area, or even visit the area, it’s good to know abut the politics, local transport, and education in the area.
Bromely has it’s own UK Members of Parliament, but is represented as part of London on the European level. It’s less than 10 miles from Charing Cross, one of the main train stations in London. This means that Bromley is extremely well-connected, and you can reach just about anywhere in the country from here. This is great for anyone who is thinking to Bromley, and who want to be well-linked to other parts of the UK. It’s especially good for anyone who wants a small town life, but is tied to London for work, as it makes for an easy commute. It’s also possible to travel to the nearby towns and villages, so you can really explore the area in your free time.

While Bromley is a small town compared to London, it is one of the most metropolitan areas in Greater London, and is home to lots of shops, bars, and restaurants. There are two railway stations in Bromley and plenty of buses that also serve the area, so if you’re looking to be a little greener and avoid congestion charges, there’s plenty of opportunity to use public transport.

There are plenty of great schools in Bromley, including some specialist Media Arts colleges, and a Music College. You can choose between state schools and independent schools in the area, all of which have a great reputation.

Some notable residents have lived in the area too, the most impressive being Charles Darwin, however, writer H.G Wells, who grew up in the area and included it in some of his writings.

There are many practical factors in Bromley that make it a great place to live.