History Of Methodism in Bromley

Methodism has been present in Bromley for decades. For a long time, the prevalent religion in Bromley fluctuated and changed with the times. This has led to an inclusive environment that is welcoming to all kinds of religions.

St_Peter_and_St_Paul,_Church_Road,_Bromley_-_East_end_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1766705Methodists have been in the area since the 1700s, and the first church was built in that century. Within the community, three churches sprouted up in the area, and they all worked individually for a lot of years, though now they tend to form one community. Between these first churches and now, a whole lot of other churches have also sprouted up in the Bromley Area. These include Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, and even organisations like a Salvation Army, that currently all work together and host charity events and children’s organisations like Brownies, Scouts, and Guides.

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism even visited the area himself, which just shows how involved the area was in the development of this movement. As Bromley grew rapidly during the 1800s, just one church wasn’t enough to host all of the devotees, and another church needed to be built to just accommodate all of the worshipers. Some of the churches that were built were destroyed in the war, which is a shame for the history of the religion in the area.

The Methodist churches in Bromley don’t respond to political areas: they are entirely dependent on the people in the area, and where people would like to worship. This ensures that the Methodist church here is really all about the people, and revolves around making the devotees to the religion happy and comfortable. While this church is generally Christian, it aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, so everyone in the area can find a place to access their spirituality and find a place to open up to God.