Attractions Surrounding Bromley

1006191_8a504a7fWhile there are plenty of things to do in Bromley, including lovely walks in the High Elms Country Park or shopping in the mall, sometimes it’s nice to head out of town and explore the surrounding area. There are lots of reasons for this, and some great options for day trips in the area around the town.

Things To Do Near Bomley

One of the best things about living in Bromley is that you’re close enough to London to enjoy all of the attractions, but far enough away to be free of pollution, concrete skyscrapers, and overcrowding. It’s hard to resist brisk country walks and nearby seaside towns, as well the city for a dash of urban life.

Sevenoaks is a lovely country area, that’s great for exploring the woodland areas. Why not get lost on a ramble in this beautiful area. Just a few miles East of Bromley you can explore the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and go hill climbing which makes for a different kind of weekend. It’s always nice to escape city life, and clear your head in the great outdoors over the weekend.

North East of Bromley is the locale of Southend on Sea, which is a really cute beach town. You can enjoy a traditional British vacation by the sea, have fish and chips, paddle, and walk along the promenade in Southend, which especially nice in summer time. There are plenty of bars and restaurants in the town, and you can enjoy traditional English pub food in one of the many establishments here.

North West of Bromley is London city center, where you can really indulge in a cosmopolitan weekend. You can visit the Eye, the Tower, Big Ben, and even catch a show on the West End and at at a Michelin star restaurant.

Taking some time out of Bromley can be a great idea as there are so many fun things in the surrounding area.